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Services and Capabilities

Pioneer Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a specialized independent service provider for the Oil and Gas industry. Our spectrum of services covers the following:

A. Construction and Maintenance for Upstream

  • Onshore fabrication of structures, piping, E&I and other miscellaneous prefabrication works including all required NDTs
  • Offshore tie-ins, installation, hookup, calibration, testing and
    commissioning works
  • Improvement and/or modifications to existing facilities
  • Removal, installation or modification of component parts of structures
  • Removal, installation, modification, hydro testing and reinstatement of pipe work
  • Major painting for FSO and topsides steel structures, piping and jackets including all preparation work.

B. Heat Exchanger Specialized Maintenance

  • Heat Exchanger Maintenance (Upstream)
  • Mechanical Cleaning (Upstream)
  • Specialized Method for tube plugging (Upstream)
  • Chemical cleaning (Upstream and Downstream)
  • Tube re-tubing (Upstream)
  • Mechanical cleaning (Upstream)

C. Inspection and Plant Monitoring
Operation base: Subang Industrial Area

  • Conventional NDT Method (UT,PT, MPI, RT)
  • Advance NDT Method
    • ECT (Eddy Current Testing)
    • IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System)
    • RFT (Remote Field Testing)
    • MFLT (Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing)
    • TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
    • Wire Rope Inspection
    • Video scope
  • Plant Monitoring
    • Vibration
    • Infrared Thermography Inspection
    • Sound Measurement

D. Specialized Industrial Cleaning

  • Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting – 40,000psi
  • High Pressure Water Jetting – 15,000psi

E. Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessel Maintenance Downstream

  • Heat Exchanger and Boiler Service and Maintenance
  • Tube re-tubing
  • Mechanical Cleaning

F. Plant General Maintenance (Scaffolding, Painting, Insulation)

  • Plant turnaround works
  • Scaffolding
  • Insulation
  • Painting

G. Electrical, Instrumentation and Control

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