Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)

Pioneer provides the latest techniques of IMR to ensure our client’s assets are running successfully and economically.

The oil, gas and energy industries are asset-intensive. Given the current economic climate, volatile energy prices, and unstable customer demand, executives in these industries must make rapid and difficult business and operational decisions. To remain economical, asset-owners are looking for new ways to get the most out of their assets, assure their assets stay online, and plan for unexpected failures.

Pioneer understands these demands. As a multi-disciplinary contractor, we work with our customers to prolong the life of their assets. We can come in at any stage of the asset integrity scheme, whether it is Planning/FEED, operations, or decommissioning.

We have specially selected locations close to our customers to ensure speedy response times.


Our Activities include:

  • Inspection and Monitoring
    • Conventional NDT Method (UT, PT, MPI, RT)
    • Lo-Rad – Close Proximity Radiographic System
    • Advanced NDT Methods
      • ECT (Eddy Current Testing)
      • IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System)
      • RFT (Remote Field Testing)
      • MFLT (Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing)
  • Plant Maintenance, Shutdown & Turnaround
  • Scaffolding and Rope Access
  • Blasting and Painting
  • Insulation
    • Engineering and execution
    • Materials supply
    • CUI detection and remediation
    • Removal and installation
  • Advanced and general cleaning
  • Preparation work onsite for re-certification of vessels, relief valves and cranes
  • Heat exchanger maintenance
  • Repairs, upgrades, replacement and modification works
    • Structures and piping
    • Instrument tubing, fittings and instruments
    • Electrical cables, fittings and equipment
    • Helideck/main deck timbers/h-plates
  • Technology Partner / Other Services
    • Droned-based Asset Management Solution
      • GIS & Mapping
      • Precision Agriculture
      • Project Monitoring & Management
      • Security & Surveillance
      • NDT Inspection
      • Confined Space Inspection
      • CP Monitoring
      • Inspection Management Data Platform
    • Cathodic Protection
      • Project & Design, Installation & Commissioning, Corrosion Monitoring & Control and Investigation and Failure Analysis
    • Pipeline Cleaning & Inspection
      • Standard pre-inspection, gauging, enhanced, cleaning, high resolution inspection services using intelligent pigs to measure metal loss, internal and external corrosion, coating loss and mechanical deformation
    • Composite Wrapping
      • Engineered pipe wrap for quick and easy repair
    • Thermal Insulation Coating
      • Steam lines, chimneys and gas flues, industrial equipment for various purposes with heat carrier temperature up to +700ºС, in the peak mode up to +800ºС



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