What We Do

Hook Up & Commissioning (HUC)


Pioneer Engineering provides a range of services to ensure the successful hook-up, commissioning and start-up of our client’s assets.

Hook-up and commissioning (HUC) refers to all necessary activities preparing for the start-up of an asset for oil and gas production. This is the phase where design flaws and construction errors will surface, and where potentially expensive and time-consuming changes and modifications will have to be undertaken. Failure to do so may entail delays or, worse, catastrophic failure.

Cost management and safety are therefore of paramount importance. Pioneer Engineering works with its customers to ensure the asset is safely started-up on time, correctly, and within budget.

Our strategy is to maximize onshore pre-commissioning activities so as to minimize offshore manhours, enhance safety and gain cost advantages.

Our Activities include:

  • Preparation of detailed work packages and project plan
  • Collection and collation of pre-existing documents and standards
  • Onshore pre-commissioning at yard
  • After-lift installation and tie in of components and structures, e.g. structures, skids, piping, flowlines, compressors, generators M&E, E&I, etc.
  • Functional test of installed structures and components
  • Offshore commissioning
  • System handover (including final documentation) and start-up
  • Support of all associated maintenance works as and when required